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Personal Skills

After hearing the two lectures that exposed the underbelly of Teamwork, I realized that the same things listed related to the success or failure of an online degree as pertaining to the individual. As Ken Haycock pointed out, one of the important things to fine tune while working on a team is clarity in goals. This is important to the SLIS student as well because it is easier to fall off track or get distracted by life if there are not clear goals that the the individual wants to accomplish. This could be anywhere to program direction or grade point average. Assessing individual skills is important because then the student is not taking to much on in areas that he or she may not be so confident on. They can approach the goals set more realistically this way.  The readiness assessment is a great way to judge competency in the online environment.

I really agreed with Inid Irwin when she stated that Teamwork is a combination of attitude and planning. The attitude of the student (whether they are willing to participate, etc) is integral to their success as well as the success of the team. If the online student approaches this learning environment with reluctance and self doubt it will greatly effect their performance in grasping the material and applying it to their professional lives in the future. Planning is another area that is important to the success of a student in the online degree. Since there is minimal face time with classmates and teachers, and the material does not occur in a particular time frame, mostly, the student has to be great at time managing and planning out times to study and get assignments done well, while still maintaining a relaxed home environment with many distractions.


Writer’s Block

I have never been a blogger. I never know what to write. I remember being a kid and attempting to write a novel. I got great ideas for the first chapter…then…. that was it. Great ideas never got down on the page. I am truly amazed at how some authors write one novel, let alone trilogies and sets of books that have the same characters. Writing about my own life is different. But does what I say really matter? I suppose I could complain about something, but I wouldn’t be any better than the bitter diatribes written on the injustice of raising the price of a Big Mac at McDonalds.

As much as I prefer to sit with friends in person, holding them hostage while I talk about my day and life events, I understand the draw the blog environment has created these days. I guess that it is easier to read what a friend is doing and reply back in a post instead of taking the time to call her. You could miss your DVR of As the World Turns and that would be a catastrophic event! Anyhow, the professional use of a blog makes sense. For example in an online classroom setting like I am in, or a group that has many people checking in from all over the world. The turn to technology makes it easier and much more affordable to keep up with friends via email and blog.

As a Library Science student, I need to learn to love the internet and the new digital path that the library system has taken. I will warm up to it eventually. My main goal is to provide assistance in a fast, easy, and effective way and this is the vehicle to get me there. I have never been a blogger, but now is as good a time as any to explore my potential.